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News from Ouagadougou 97

Posted by on Thursday March 26th, 2015

Pictures: Jiska during the honor roll ceremony at school; Phebe and Jiska after the presentation of the school musical ‘One Smart Pig’; Phebe was ‘Orville Pig’; Jiska and Phebe with the International Women’s day 2015 fabric; Jiska turned 13 on March 12!; Liesbeth warms up for her audition in the ‘Lemmens Institute-LUCA School of Arts’ in Leuven, Belgium; Lydia plays the bass in the Chapel Band at her school.

Dear Friends,

As we approach the Easter weekend and as a family and a Christian community, we want to reflect on this most important Event that made it possible for us to receive new and ETERNAL life! Happy Easter!

This newsletter is more focused on our family. Sometimes, there is not really room for more stories or pictures in our usual letters.

Most of our girls have a school break right now. We are thankful for their different schools, and are very pleased to see them grow up and develop into young ladies (yes, also the youngest two!).

Tomorrow, Lydia travels from Basel to Amersfoort (in the Netherlands), where she will visit Liesbeth. Liesbeth studies at the ‘Evangelische Hogeschool’ this semester while she is visiting various schools and conservatories and finds her way in the middle of auditions and other selection procedures to be able to start in September. She succeeded already at the audition for violin at the Lemmens Institute- LUCA School of Arts, and it was good that Ineke was there with her when she also visited the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague. She likes living in the Netherlands, so that is great!

The girls will then travel to Brussels/Zaventem for the Easter Weekend. While Liesbeth has to go back to school, Lydia will spend some time in Belgium before she takes off to visit a girlfriend from her dorm before school starts again. We all look forward to her graduation from high school on June 12th, and she is very happy that her 3 sisters will finally see where she spent the last 2 years.

Here in Ouagadougou, Jiska and Phebe do their best at school too. Jiska, who just turned 13, received her 6th ‘all A Honor Roll’ certificate since she started middle school. We are very proud of her!

Phebe is doing Grade 5. She has worked hard the last few weeks, practicing for her role in the school musical. She had a lot of fun and she really fit her character very well. It was a very funny and successful musical. Jiska was part of the stage crew. Phebe progresses very well on her violin and Jiska learns a lot with her flute in the school band.

Our girls love to help at the mobile clinics or with our work in general. It’s good to see they still feel very much at home here.

Peter and I are thankful that we found an administrator for Paam Laafi starting April 1st. That will reduce Peter’s (and my) work load and we will be able to leave the work in good hands this coming the summer. We are looking forward to take a few days off in the North of Ghana starting this Saturday , or maybe we won’t be able to ‘cool’ off? Although, with temperatures of 39-40°C during the day and 24-25°C at night, we can’t complain too much at this time of the year J.

In spite of the distance, we try to be a close-knit family and we are very thankful for the internet. It’s very slow but usually stable, and it helps to stay in touch. It’s not always easy to be so far away from each other, but we always look forward to the next reunion!

Please pray for the following topics:

  • Safe travels for Liesbeth and Lydia, and for us when we travel to the North of Ghana with Jiska and Phebe and a friend from Jiska’s class.
  • For the last weeks of school left after the break.
  • For the preparations for our furlough to Belgium this summer. We still don’t have a place to stay and have to arrange several appointments.

Lots of greetings from all of us, and more Paam Laafi news next time!

God bless!

Peter, Ineke, Liesbeth, Lydia, Jiska and Phebe

Peter and Ineke Van Dingenen

06 BP 9369

Ouagadougou 06, Burkina Faso

00226 50 36 20 03 ,

for the US (or UK and other countries): Through SIM International: on GIVE SUPPORT in main menu, click donate, click “online giving”, click on “SIM USA” (or a different country), click on “Give to a project”, Choose country “Burkina Faso” in drop down menu, enter project ID “93931”, click on “Give” next to “Health for All” project

specifically for the UK: through ‘Stewardship’, account number is 20121779 (Julie Khan Giving Services Advisor – Recipient Support Tel: 020 8502 8560) E-mail:

for Belgium (via Tearfund):

IBAN BE41 4359 1900 0110, Swift KREDBEBB

mentioning ‘peter en ineke, code 25 vds for personal support, code 71008 for the hospital and code 73015 for the mobile clinics

Thank you for your support!

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