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Paam Laafi Project

4 Responses to Paam Laafi Project

  1. Sheila Leech

    Greetings from Ecuador. I work with HCJB Global as Vice President of Global Health Ministries. We have done some mobile clinic work in Burkina Faso and have contacts in Ouaga. I am interested in this project that you are proposing and would love to have some more details as to location, people groups to be served, and if there is any way in which we can be of assistance.
    We run 2 hospitals in Ecuador and a number of community clinics.
    We partner with local groups in Sub Saharan Africa.
    Sheila Leech

  2. Daniel Salamu

    Hi Peter,

    Great job there. We shall continue to pray for greater things to be done in this country through this ministry that God has entrusted into your care.

    God bless you real well.

    Daniel Salamu,
    Project Coordinator, SIM BF.

  3. nana daouda

    super action sur sapone.merci et courage pour la suite

  4. Lars

    I’m looking forward to meet you guys!
    Greetings from Belgium and God bless you!!!


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