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News from Ouagadougou 92

Posted by on Tuesday November 4th, 2014

Pictures: the lab at the hospital is finally working!; enlarging the microscope image through the computer; taking blood samples from the children; children waiting for their turn; Dr. Peter and Dr. Kiswendsida; Jiska at work; Ineke and Clarisse at the medicine table; a girl who just received her medicine; Peter with a little patient; with our cat ‘Minoes’; on the way back home we saw this coming out of the mattress factory (a moto-cab) ; our Calendar 2015 is ready!

Dear friends,

Jiska and Phebe have a school break this week, time to relax and rest up a bit.

We had some busy weeks. First we did medical examinations of about 100 people from a company at our hospital, which meant our lab had to run at full speed. It was the first time we used our lab and are thankful for the help we received. Peter spent some time developing an Access database to streamline the medical reports, including the insertion of X-ray and other results per patient. This type of contracts are a vital part of local fundraising to help Paam Laafi run all their activities. We are thankful to see the latest developments.

A good week later, we examined about 300 children in a school close to our hospital. The new element there was that we had to take a blood sample from every child for the malaria research Dr. Kiswendsida is involved in. The kids were all very brave and there were almost no tears shed! Jiska was able to join for a day, as her Grade 7 class from the International school joined us. She is so used to these clinics and she was happy to help some of her class mates who were there for the first time.

Peter will travel from Nov 3rd till Dec 5th, he is leaving on a fundraising trip to Belgium and the US with the president of Paam Laafi. Dr. Jacob Sawadogo is nearly finished with his cardiology specialization in France. Peter is going to be able to visit both Lydia and Liesbeth this time. They are looking forward to meet up with their dad!


Our yearly prayer calendar is also finished. It is a colorful and joyful reminder of what God has been enabling us to do here in Burkina Faso.

We are thankful for your prayers for us and the work we are doing. We have been reminded of our vulnerability just recently, through a crisis situation here with missionaries on the field, our enemy does not sit still!

Please pray for this Ebola epidemic to stop in the affected countries. The whole region feels the effects in different ways.

Thanks for praying for our oldest children far from home. We are thankful for communication through internet, but especially in difficult moments, the distance seems bigger.

Lots of greetings from all of us,

God bless!

Peter, Ineke, Liesbeth, Lydia, Jiska and Phebe

Please take note of the change in the way to support from the US (see below) ,

for the US: In the US: on GIVE SUPPORT in main menu, click donate, click “online giving”, click on “SIM USA”, click on “Give to a project”, Choose country “Burkina Faso” in drop down menu, enter project ID “93931”, click on “Give” next to “Health for All” project

for the UK: through ‘Stewardship’, account number is 20121779 (Julie Khan Giving Services Advisor – Recipient Support Tel: 020 8502 8560) E-mail:

for Belgium (via Tearfund):

IBAN BE41 4359 1900 0110, Swift KREDBEBB

mentioning ‘peter en ineke, code 25 vds for personal support, code 71pl becomes 71008 for the hospital and code 73pl becomes 73015 for the mobile clinics

Thank you for your support!

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