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News from Ouagadougou 91

Posted by on Monday September 15th, 2014

Pictures: A typical market in Ouagadougou during a visit with the interns; during a church attendance; Oak Hills church team; Mobile clinic; What a row!; Our street under water; First day of school for Jiska and Phebe; First day of school for Lydia

Dear friends,

As for most people, the holidays are really over here. Our 2 youngest girls already started on 18 August, Liesbeth started on September 1st in the US and Lydia on September 2nd in Germany.
Our summer was filled with the visit of the oldest girls and our 2 interns. Lydia had a summer job in Belgium in August, and Ineke picked her up and brought her back to school. She moved from the host family where she was last year, to the boarding school. She is doing well and is excited for her last year of high school!

What happened in the meantime in Burkina Faso?: Apart from a regularly flooded street and a big crocodile living in the canal now (due to the never ending road works),

– In August we did a mobile clinic in an orphanage. It was a challenge because there were many more very small children and almost no supervisor knew French. Also quite a lot of the children were sick. Peter and the team visited again last week to check how the children were doing and they were very satisfied with what they saw.
– Construction of the ‘paillotte’ at the hospital for the prevention sessions for pregnant women and babies: the work has started.
– Ouali is a young man of 17 , we found him in Mahadaga (7 hours East) during the clinic in April. His tumor on the wrist is removed (in a hospital 6 hours North) and they only had to amputate the little finger. What a blessing. He is doing well and starts school again this week. The tumor is examined in Belgium and there may be a regrowth, as well as metastases. Thanks for praying for him.
– Ebola: who has not yet heard of it and it was also the most frequently asked question during Ineke’s visit to Belgium/Germany. We ask prayer for the many patients in the affected countries, it is really a terrible disaster for those countries and the people there. In Burkina and other countries are putting preventive measures in place. Fortunately there is still no case of Ebola reported in Burkina, nor in the 6 directly neighboring countries. The disease can only be contracted by physical contact between a sick or dead Ebola patient, and is not airborne so far (such as SARS or the swine flu).
– Peter and Dr. Jacob are going to do a fundraising trip to Belgium and the US in November. Jacob will then have graduated as a cardiologist and will be the first real specialist in Paam Laafi. They hope to collect funds for the further building of the hospital. We hope and pray that they are going to be successful and that a lot of people will learn about the work of Paam Laafi .

Lots of greetings from all of us,
God bless!
Peter, Ineke, Liesbeth, Lydia, Jiska and Phebe

Peter and Ineke Van Dingenen
06 BP 9369
Ouagadougou 06, Burkina Faso
00226 50 36 20 03 ,

for the UK: through ‘Stewardship’, account number is 20121779 (Julie Khan Giving Services Advisor – Recipient Support Tel: 020 8502 8560) E-mail:
for Belgium (via Tearfund):
IBAN BE41 4359 1900 0110, Swift KREDBEBB
mentioning ‘peter en ineke, code 25 vds for personal support, code 71pl becomes 71008 for the hospital and code 73pl becomes 73015 for the mobile clinics
Thank you for your support!

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