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News from Ouagadougou 31

Posted by on Saturday March 28th, 2009

Dear Friends,


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It’s a little while ago now since you’ve received “News from Ouagadougou” from us. As you know we’ve had a difficult time with the deaths of two of our friends (Pastor David Zopoula on March 7th and one of our visitors from Belgium on March 9th, both in car accidents). A few weekends ago Peter and I got away for a weekend and we really enjoyed the rest and have begun the week with renewed strength. Every day we’re thinking of the families and friends left behind, may God be with them and give them strength and comfort!

Meanwhile the temperature here’s reaching 40°C daily. Sometimes, when you go outside in the afternoon it seems as if you’ve stepped into a hot oven.

At the end of February the African community at the school organised an African cultural evening at ISO. Débora de Vries was also involved and items on the program were the coronation of a ‘chief’, an international fashion show put on by the children, a dance group, a story teller and a meal. It was a success! Liesbeth modelled for the Ivory Coast because she was born there. Debora gave her a typical “Senoufo” dress for the occasion.

Lydia still goes to the orphanage every Monday afternoon. This is an after-school activity for ISO that she is involved with all year round. It’s very good that these orphanage children have such an afternoon when they can just play and be cuddled.

Jiska has had her first violin lesson from Petra, a Flemish teacher working outside of Ouagadougou. The lessons can only take place if Petra is here once a month so we’ll see how it goes. The family misses the sort of music school that you have in Belgium.

The mobile clinic is beginning to perform well. About 1300 children have now been examined. The team of volunteers has expanded. The school continues its support and sends staff and pupils with the team. The village children (and their families) think the world of the plays and the puppet shows. This is a really powerful means of reaching them. Every time it takes a lot of organisation and costs a lot of energy but it really is worth it. If the children need further attention they come to the medical centre “AGIR”. Thursday morning about 30 came for further treatment and this morning a child had an operation for the removal of a cataract. Peter’s social fund can then help with the costs. We’re glad that we can help people in such a way, people that would otherwise never see a doctor.

Warm greetings from us all

Peter, Ineke, Liesbeth, Lydia, Jiska and Phebe Van Dingenen

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