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News from Ouagadougou 82

Posted by on Wednesday September 18th, 2013


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Pictures: The container: the mural is finished; Jiska and Phebe want to go with their sisters J; Liesbeth and her host family in Houghton, NY; Liesbeth with the music building in the background; Lydia and her host family in Kandern, Germany; Lydia on the first day at Black Forest Academy; the latest development: new bricks arrived for the building (the truck has a funny sign).

Dear friends,

Breaking news: since this morning, we hold the official agreement from the Ministry of Health to start medical work on our hospital grounds! The minister of Health has signed the final paper and sent an observer to visit and inspect the site this afternoon. That means the medical work can start very soon. Praise God!

Other very good news is that Ineke is back in Ouagadougou, after having been away a whole month!

Liesbeth and Lydia are both getting settled at their new homes and schools. The school year has started for both of them and they had a good start. Saying goodbye was not easy of course, but we are so thankful for Gods provision is many details and especially for the both wonderful host families. It was good to get to know Liesbeth’s host family and it was a joy to meet again with our good friends where Lydia is hosted! The family used to live here in Burkina Faso for many years.

Liesbeth is studying music and biology at Houghton College (NY) and is very happy with 4 hours of orchestra practice a week. She also has other music courses and has sciences too. She called this week, all excited, because she became the ‘interim’  first violinist during one of the practices! She loves to study the new pieces.

Lydia (Gr 11) has a full load at school, but she is motivated. She has already made new friends, thanks to her new ‘brother’ who has been there since a year already. 52 nationalities are represented in the school! I was amazed to meet families who serve in Northern Iraq, Tajikistan, China etc.

Jiska and Phebe have started school here since almost 4 weeks now! They like their new teachers and it looks like they will have a good year. We are very thankful for this. It feels strange to sit at the table with only 4 time and time again and we miss the girls, but we have a good contact with them and our weekly Skype-conference in 3 time-zones is highlight for the family!

Our colleagues Ian and Heather have been blessed with the birth of their 3rd baby Jonathan on August 27th. We are very thankful that everything went well.

Yesterday morning, Peter was called at 5.30 am. A man –who didn’t sound friendly- wanted to know NOW where he could drop off the bricks for the hospital building… Peter didn’t have a clear answer right away at that time of the day. A few hours later, arrangements were made to wake up the mason or entrepreneur next time. The bricks looked good, so that was good news. The construction of the pediatric ward will start soon and Arjo will arrive from the Netherlands next week to supervise this among other responsibilities.

Peter and Jacob will travel to Belgium around the end of October. They will be present at the big conference for our churches and will do several church visits and presentations as well. Peter will also visit Lydia while he is in Europe. They are counting down the days , it will go fast!

Thank you for your support and prayers,

Peter, Ineke, Liesbeth, Lydia, Jiska and Phebe Van Dingenen

Peter and Ineke Van Dingenen

06 BP 9369

Ouagadougou 06, Burkina Faso

00226 50 36 20 03 ,

for the US: through the Bell Family Foundation (tax deductible):

for the UK: through ‘Stewardship’, account number is 20121779 (Julie Khan Giving Services Advisor – Recipient Support Tel: 020 8502 8560) E-mail:

for Belgium (via Tearfund):

IBAN BE41 4359 1900 0110, Swift KREDBEBB

mentioning ‘peter en ineke, code 25 vds’ (instead of former 50 vds for personal support, code 71pl for the hospital and code 73pl for the mobile clinics

Thank you for your support!

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